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18.05.2008 05:16 - Интернет и борбата с тероризма според големите държави
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Миналата седмица в Санкт Петербург бях на парламентарна конференция на тема :”Информационните технологии като елемент в борбата с тероризнма”.

Не бях предвиден за изказване , но това, което чух като позиция от руските власти, ме принуди. 

Говореха за това, че интернет се е “изродил в среда за пропагандиране на терористични и екстрмистки идеологии”, че трябва да се приеме международна харта , която да защитава гражданите от радикални внушения, че интернет се е превърнал в енциклопедия на тероризма,тренировъчно поле за терористите,че се ползва за пропаганда на тероризма. Големите държави в света трябвало да се подготвят за кибер войни срещу терористите.

Започна се с цитат от Путин :”Мьй должни адекватно парироват кибертероризм”

Призна се, че терористите не се занимават с хакерство, а с разпространение на информация и набиране на “сообщники”. Цитиран бе Киплинг:”Слово-самьй силнийй наркотик человечества” и че трябва да се вземат мерки срещу това(каквото и да значи това).Нужни били международни стандарти за контрол над итернет.”Надо найти баланс между свободьй слова и ответственост” (нямам руска азбука и затова цитатите са без руски букви).

А в същото време статистиката показвала, че от 7000 терористични акта през 2007 1/2 са били в Ирак, 1/4 в Афганистан, а другата 1/4-Задкавказието и другаде. 
Във финалната декларация предложиха "Да се противодейства на използването на модерните средства за комуникацияот терористи в стремежа им да окажат информационно и психологическо въздействие върху ума и поведението на хората,дискредитирането на демократичните ценности и утвърждаващи легитимността на тероризма".
По-долу прилагам изказването, което си приготвих и изнесох на втория ден на конференцията


by  Mincho Viktorov Spassov
Member of Parliament, the National Assembly of Bulgaria,
Chairman of the Committee on internal security and public order
Vice President of IPAIT(International Parliamentarians Association for Information Technology)
 Honorable Chairman,
Your excellences,
Distinguished delegates,
Civil rights of citizens are the most essential feature of a modern democratic society.
Men are social creatures. They need to communicate in order to exist. The right of privacy of correspondence and protection of private data are part of every constitution our days. Internet allows people to communicate as never before. The information reaches thousands of peoples separated by thousands of miles in a second. It goes without saying, that fast exchange of information and ideas is the powerful accelerator  of human progress and achievements.
But there is an old English proverb, saying:
Internet may be used for progress but it could be a powerful instrument in the hands of terrorists.
Terrorism is one of the greatest challenges of our era.
The most effective way to stop terrorism is to avoid the reasons that provoke it. Because of a large variety of reasons this is not the way the big decision makers of the world act.
From one side big economic interest in the Middle East will always drive big countries to   gain control over energy resources with lawful and sometimes unlawful means.
On the other side the leaders of so called “radical Islam” use the religion for their egocentric political purposes, neglecting the fact, that real pure Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and killing.
So both sides hide from people the real purposes of the war between them. Does this  remind you of what Fredrick the Great said to his generals:
“If the soldiers knew what are the real reasons of wars, we would never fought a single war”.
So if we can not eradicate the reasons, we must at least try to cure the symptoms and reduce the damages of this war.
When innocent human lives are at stake, the legislation permits the essential civil rights to be abolished temporarily.
There are two different approaches to the problem
1.The short and easy way is to restrict internet  technology in order to prevent terrorists to use this instrument. “No privacy in internet – no terrorists will use it. No site – no problem”- say the representatives of the law-enforcement authorities. No malicious information could reach citizens if there is no place to publish it.
The malicious site can appear in other country on the next day you stop it.
“No man-no problem” is a slogan from a dark Stalinist era, that we all hope to be over now.


2.The hard way is to use Information technology as a powerful instrument, weapon against terrorists for their discovery and punishment.

“Don’t burn the whole blanket because of some bugs, residing in it- you better clean it up”- say the defenders of the freedom in internet. Lets win the game against the terrorists by being smarter and better players than they are. Let’s use IT to catch them with no harm to the freedom of the regular citizens.
You need good legislation, good experts, good luck and a fortune in order to do this.
SECURITY OR FREEDOM- this is the question that the legislators all over the world have to solve.
Where lays the truth?
 Once upon a time  Budha said,
“If the cord of the guitar is too tight, it will broke. If it is too loose, it will not play”.
So as there is no black and white in life, the truth lies somewhere in between these completely different views. Every country decides how to balance between these two approaches according to the specific conditions and circumstances.
My personal opinion is, that we should (follow what the Bible says and) choose the “narrow gate” the hard way if we want long lasting results. We should not underestimate the enemy and be ready to spend money and resources. It is inevitable to make long lasting and painful efforts in creating expertise and gain public opinion in favor of the needed measures if we want to be winners. We must not restrict and filter internet at least a criminal activity is proven. A wide-spread public campaigns are needed to win the public opinion and especially the Internet society in favor of the anti terrorist cause. By acquiring the Internet society as our alley the feeding environment of the cyber terrorism will be destroyed.
As the subject of the IT and the role of parliaments in finding right decisions must be  proceeded, I want to make a proposal and invitation to all MP, that are present here. As a Vice President of the International Parliamentarians’ Association for Information Technology (IPAIT),I want to inform you, that the Bulgarian Parliament will host the Sixth General Assembly of IPAIT in Sofia on June 8-11, 2008. The subject of the Conference is ‘INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, PARLIAMENTS AND ETHICS’. Among the issues to be discussed by the forum are:
-information technologies and parliamentary ethics;
-transparency and national security - how to find a proper balance between the two;
-ethical problems of the information society – the legislator’s response and the way they are settled in legislation.
 You are all welcomed to participate. Technical information can be found on the web site of the Bulgarian parliament www.parliament.bg/ipait
Thank you for your attention. We look forward to seeing you in Sofia in June!
Mincho Spassov



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